Headscarves by Ciara

Beautiful, affordable headware for chemo patients www.headscarvesbyciara.co.uk

Bohemia Headwear

Headware for chemotherapy patients www.bohemiaheadwear.co.uk

International Immunology Foundation

The International Immunology Foundation sponsors research on advanced treatments for cancer, especially OncoPherese, a breakthrough technology that can shrink and often eliminate malignant tumors more effectively than chemotherapy or radiation – without harmful side effects. OncoPherese is...


The Cancer Theranostic Company A website where patients and family members can sign in to connect and talk with other patients and their relatives as well as obtain advice from experts. www.app.oncoshare.com


Tax law specialists www.fis3.es Tel. 971 214 616 helen-parker@fis3.es


Charity helping cancer patients on the east coast of Mallorca info@apropajuda.org Tel. 971 213 808 / 675 478 962


Caprichos Mariló, bras for ladies who have had breast surgery c/Mare de Deu de Montserrat 49 Tel 971 474 795 c/Fco. Manuel de los Herreros 18 Tel 971 421 550


Essential items, luxury products and gorgeous gifts for women affected by cancer or experiencing hair loss. www.embracecancerbeauty.co.uk connect@embracecancerbeauty.co.uk Tel. (+44) 1905 619031


Cancer Support Mallorca is a charity registered in Spain under number G57773749.