UK charity that raises awareness and educates the population on the facts figures and issues of testicular cancer.

Mechones Solidarios

A Spanish charity that makes wigs from donated hair for cancer patients.


Health Organic Centre Carrer de la Barrera de Baix 2 Santa Catalina 07013 Palma 971 908890

Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust

The only UK charity dedicated to women affected by cervical cancer and cervical abnormalities.

Live Better With Cancer

Make life a little better with 100s of reccomended products for people living with cancer.

Kidney Research UK

The leading UK charity commited to developing treatments, patient information and raising vital public awareness to help save lives.

Coaching Emily

Cancer Community Coaching

Look Good, Feel Better

Charity helping cancer patients feel better about themselves The Spanish branch is called Ponte Guapa Te Sentirás Mejor and is run by Fundación Stanpa


Cancer Support Mallorca is a charity registered in Spain under number G57773749.